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Quincy Sims, Fashion & Beauty Photographer and Casting Director, was born in a Detroit, MI 


I am incredibly passionate about capturing beautiful moments in life! I have always seen the joy and beauty in life, even in the smallest details, and this ignited my love for photography at a very young age. I love light and being in nature and this has influenced my style of photography in many ways. I tend to create images that are very natural, classic, bright and filled with emotion.  My real love and passion has always been for photography! 

I truly love what I do! Words really can’t express quite how much. I believe that life is something beautiful and it is such an honor for me to capture that something for every person, couple, and family that allows me the opportunity! 

Some of credit work: Ryan Atkins (Singer/Songwriters/Actresses), Fetty wap (hip hop artist), Gwen Stefani, ABC The View, Evi Sisko (Actress/ TV Host), NJ EYECANDY LLC, This is 50, Black pyramid, Pressurebeauty LLC (pro Makeup and  Hairstylist artist)


 About me

Email:                                 Phone:  123-456-7890

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